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Cloud IT Services

Consulting, Architecting Infrastructure, and Securing Cloud-Based Services Uniquely Designed for Your Business


What We Do

Cloud Consulting

Transform your business with the cloud, harnessing the opportunities it offers – Boost your business agility, improve application scalability and performance, all while enhancing security and reliability

Enable you to do more with less IT resources – With your IT infrastructure and applications in the Azure Cloud, your IT team can focus on driving innovation at unprecedented speed instead of maintaining, patching, replacing, optimizing hardware

Save you money with Azure – Azure Cloud costs are up to 5x less than AWS

Security Operations Consulting

♦ Harden IT Operations 

Secure IT Operations is a foundational need of every organization and is frequently overlooked by existing managed security companies. As a business, how do you know that your IT processes are operating securely?

 Leveraging our passion and focus on security, we assess and put into action Best Security Practices and Configurations for your Microsoft technologies, hardening your IT operations whether on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid.

Security Analytics and Threat Intelligence Management

 Implement Managed Azure Sentinel to provide a birds-eye view of your business’ security using intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence, enabling you to investigate and resolve potential security threats across your organization.

Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s cost-effective, cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help analyze large volumes of data across an enterprise fast, letting you focus on finding real threats quickly. Azure Sentinel aggregates data from all sources, including users, applications, servers, and devices running on-premises or in any cloud.


Collaborative Environment

We come alongside your IT team to work collaboratively in increasing their Information Security IQ and capabilities, harnessing the opportunities offered using the cloud – boosting your business agility, scalability, performance, security, and reliability – while working to meet the needs of your business in a cost-effective manner. 

We Do the Heavy Lifting Allowing You to Maintain a Lean IT Team Free to Focus on Delivering Business Priorities

Our Corellia team tackles such things as Research and Development, Planning, and Implementation so that your IT team is freed up to take care of critical day-to-day issues

WHY Move to the Cloud?

Cloud computing allows you to run your business more efficiently and cost-effectively, providing your IT team the ability to better use its resources and personnel.


Time is money. When systems are down, your business pays the price. Moving critical line-of-business applications to a more reliable cloud environment can significantly impact your bottom line.


Standardize and secure your operations, implementing critical data controls and minimizing business risk with ease.


Eliminate systems maintenance and upkeep distractions as well as improve focus on high-value activities.


Implement enterprise-grade, advanced security and protection capabilities without an enterprise-level capital investment.


Pay only for the resources and capacity your system needs now and scale on demand as your business grows.


What People Are Saying

“The Corellia Technologies team was instrumental in our migration to cloud services.  They did their homework, navigated us around numerous potential pitfalls and insecure default configurations, and have become a trusted partner that we rely heavily upon.  Could not give a higher recommendation. “


Caymus Funding

“Establishing and maintaining trust is imperative when dealing with client financial information.  We feel that the Corellia Tech folks have given us a competitive edge when it comes to security.   They worked hand in hand with our IT in order to ensure our systems are configured correctly and our Data is guarded appropriately.  They didn’t try to sell us on the latest blinky-box or security fad, but instead gave us their expertise, guidance, and helped plan a secure roadmap moving forward.”

VP Operations

Galt Accounting

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